Real Change Hypnosis

Helping you find your path to Real Change

What to Expect

Everyone's path is as unique as they are.  At Real Change Hypnosis we individualize every session. 


A first session is approximately 90 minutes. During this meeting we will discuss your goals and formulate an individualized path to achieve your goal. You will experience an in person hypnotherapy session and be provided a recording to listen to at home to help reinforce the changes you desire.


Additional 60 minute sessions can build on previous work or can be used address new issues.

Single sessions are $150 per meeting. This includes a recording of the session.


Depending on the issue and goal, some clients need as few as one or two sessions. Other goals may require several meetings.

We offer a package of four sessions for $500. The advantage of the package is that you can use the prepaid sessions for the same issue or a variety of issues. They never expire - we will always honor them.

You may choose the single session rate at this time. If you decide a package is a better fit for you, we will adjust your rate.