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What our clients are saying...

"I sought help for my anxiety and difficulty sleeping. I saw results even after the first session. Gordon made me an amazing Audio CD to listen to and it has been a tremendous help in relaxing and settling me, not only at night, but in stressful situations as well. I was amazed at the quality of their content and their generosity of knowledge. I can't thank them enough!"

- H.H., Belmont



"Lisa and Gordon were the perfect match to unravel my confusion and feeling  out of sorts. The true gift of making someone feel safe while their world is examined is rare. This is how I felt with them. The sessions led to insights and resolutions. Lots of ah ha moments and laughs, discoveries that helped me get back on track .Thank you both."

- S.R., San Francisco



"I was fortunate to see Lisa right after surgery for pain management for a major surgery on my knee, tibia and quad with several screws placed in my bone. Seeing her and listening to the recording she gave me was very helpful in my pain management. I saw her twice and listened to the recording twice a day and was able to take minimal pain meds for less than two weeks. My surgeon was amazed and said for this particular surgery most patients take pain medicine around the clock for at least four months. I am very thankful that seeing her made my postoperative recovery so much easier. I would highly recommend Lisa!" 

- G.H., Foster City


"Prior to recent knee surgery, I sought the services of Real Change Hypnosis to help me address pre-surgery nerves and to accelerate my healing post-surgery. I had successfully used hypnotherapy in the past for an unrelated issue, so I was optimistic that this would make a difference. I am delighted to report that my anxiety was immediately reduced as a result of the sessions, and my healing was frankly a breeze. Certainly I can't claim that it was pain free- some pain was expected, however it was as I visualized it. The doctors were pleased with my early progress , and indicated that hypnosis can indeed impact results. Lisa was a pure professional and the fact that she is a licensed,  experienced surgical nurse only added to the experience. I loved the fact that I was sent home with a recording so I could continue on my own both pre and post procedure.  I highly recommend Real Change Hypnosis. I plan to engage them again to help me address a long-standing personal goal. Thank you!"

- J.P., San Francisco