Real Change Hypnosis

Helping you find your path to Real Change

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 Guided Imagery for Creating Optimal Health & Wellness

 In this 2 day workshop you will learn how to:

 * Reduce stress in your daily life

 * Wake up in the mornings feeling energized 

                                  * Create a sense of peace and well being

                                  * Develop your state of Perfect Health

                                  Date & Time: TBA

Introduction to Hypnosis

Join us for an informative afternoon to learn more about how hypnotherapy can create real and lasting changes that can better your life.


                                  Date & Time: TBA

Conquering Anxiety

In this 4 session course you will:
* Learn powerful techniques that will enable you to quickly step out of anxiety and into calm.
* Discover the power of the mind body connection.
* Empower yourself to live a more joyful and healthy life.
                                  Through guided meditations, exercises and facilitated sharing in a                                    supportive small group setting.   
                                 Date & Time: TBA